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Our Enterprise Level Platform provides the ultimate flexibility for Clients to integrate with any existing rewards program to add content with low cost, high value options and scalability to become your complete Rewards Solution. By leveraging best-in-class digital technology, the first club™ solution will enable you to easily reward anyone, anywhere, test and learn, and create the functionality customized to your Brand requirements.

Because Data Security is critically important to us and to you, our platform has Bank-Level Security, Anti-Fraud controls and is fully GDPR compliant as standard practice across every level of the solution.

The carefully designed program options provide customers with a simple, cost-effective solution. This is based on our years of experience and know-how that we share to drive optimum engagement and customer satisfaction.

Wouldn’t you like to know when a member is using the reward or promotional offer?  the first club™ provides real-time transactional data which can tie into a suite of marketing services to allow targeted follow-up with the customer or prospective customer, as well as determine the effectiveness of the offer and help analyse the direction for creating new offers.


the first club™ solves the customer engagement and loyalty challenges many brands face today. Acquiring customers is expensive and difficult, and having them remain loyal to you in a world full of disruption and choice is the holy grail.

We have developed an enterprise level offering using rewards people want and gamification techniques enabling brands to significantly increase customer loyalty and engagement. By taking a customer-centric approach and understanding human behaviour and solving pain points we are focused on helping to drive brand loyalty.  Our unique value proposition ensures that customers and employees are emotionally connected to your Brand and repeat purchase early and often.

the first club™ has aggregated one of the largest digital rewards catalogues on the planet, available in multiple countries and languages – enabling Brands to Surprise-and-Delight consumers, reduce Points Liability in their loyalty schemes and increase Customer Lifetime Value.  We also provide the data to help uncover critical insights, because we know the better you understand how loyalty program members are interacting and what campaigns are effective at driving new activity, the better your long-term customer relationships will be over time. Providing Brands with technology to acquire, engage and reward customers for the last decade, we have created the following streamlined Solutions which provide our Clients with a simple way to get started on or improve on their Customer Engagement journey:

MARKETPLACE white label solution enables customers and employees to easily redeem vouchers, receive credits and select from millions of instant digital rewards.



Our custom reward solutions serves a variety of markets including Loyalty Programs, Corporate Rewards and Retail Promotional offers. Choose among flexible solutions and content categories and any desired activity can be customized, personalized and rewarded instantly. Pay on redemption makes every program affordable.


Use our state-of-the art SaaS technology platform to launch your own custom complete Loyalty Solution in a few short weeks. Add your Brand’s current reward offering to our platform for instant redemption, delivery, data collection and marketing solutions.  



Our full digital loyalty solution provides customers with a fully customizable engagement solution which has the following key features:

White Label Solution

Built on a custom URL

External Wallet

Single Sign on

Zero Breakage model

Multi Platform Delivery


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