6 Trends Disrupting Loyalty

22 July, 2019   I   by admin

When you think of loyalty, you might cringe thinking of points liability, the dynamic of which has made loyalty taboo to many organizations. The good news is that you can build a strong loyalty strategy beyond points and the possible liability headache. In the next few years, we’ll see more and more loyalty strategies based on a foundation of individualized experiences versus earning, using foundational loyalty tactics to collect and unify member data across hundreds of touchpoints. Using this data, brands tap into sophisticated segmentation and personalization to build a relevant value exchange that goes beyond earn and burn, cementing a stronger bond with their customers

Source: www.aimia.com

Loyalty is getting more complex. Companies have to be able to connect all the touch points a client have with them to understand their expectation and provide the  appropriate product, service and reward. #Loyalty #CustomerEngagement @AIMIA

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