Gift Cards

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An Innovative, Flexible Digital Gift Card Solution

Sub $1 minimum value, customizable expiry, specific to paticular entertainment types.

Choose from of over 60 million digital entertainment titles.

movies  .  music  .  eMagazines  .  eBooks  .  eNewspapers  .  games  .  software  .  audio books


Our Gift Cards are fully customizable in value from $1.00 and up.  Small frequent rewards allow you to engage consistently with your customers, rewarding and informing them along the customer journey.   

Start & Expiry Date

Digital Gift Cards allows you to define the activation and duration of each card and can be managed by time zone and countryallowing full operational flexibility across territories.

Content Specific

You can order Gift Cards attached to a specific reward category including movies, eBooks, eMagazines and music.

Tailor a specific activity tied to a specific content type. Personalize and track multiple offerings on the customer journey and modify as needed. 


Our Gift Cards are available workdwide and can be priced in virtual currency as well as the market currency of your choice.

To Reward your Customers & Employee

Customization & Printed Version

Our Gift Cards can be branded and designed per program requirement.   We also offer physical Gift Cards. 

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