the first club™ launches the first club™ Pass, its new subscription model, offering huge discounts on annual digital entertainment rewards

19 mars, 2020   I   by admin

TFC International Ltd.  (the first club™) launches an innovative Micro Reward Subscription model offering customers up to 40% Discount off SRP for digital content including annual subscription offers for Music, Movies, eMagazines, Games and Audio Books.

We continuously expand our offering at the first club™ as an answer to market needs.  COVID-19 and the subscription economy have created a need to engage and reward customers from the safety and comfort of their own homes, taking rewards to a whole new level!

We make it easy for brands to offer millions of choices of the latest and most popular entertainment rewards, delivered digitally worldwide to any platform, mobile, tablet & desktop.

Some of the many benefits: 

  • Low Risk and Easy to Administer and Deliver 
  • Immediate Engagement and Instant Gratification 
  • Allows Earn from the First Purchase 
  • Time Based Rewards 
  • Discounted offers for your Customers giving Great Value 

Choose among our many content categories and offer your customers a consistent monthly reward with your branding, hitting their inbox or phone, thanking them for their loyalty every month.

Digital rewards are the future and more relevant now than ever! 

About TFC International, Ltd.the first club™, the leading global Rewards Platform As A Service (PAAS), is considered one of the most innovative and advanced companies in the rewards space. Delivering millions of compelling instant micro digital entertainment rewards worldwide, including the latest movies, music, eMags, eBooks, eGift Cards, eNewspapers, games, software and audio books.

Giving clients the full suite of digital rewards for acquisition, engagement and retention strategies to reward and acknowledge their prospects, customers, employees and partners. 

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