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Why Instant Entertainment Rewards are the new go-to for brands looking to Engage and Retain Customers

18 September, 2020   I   by admin

Instant entertainment rewards are the perfect way to engage customers and employees stuck at home. Customers are fickle, but they don’t want to be. All manner of new distractions can keep them from coming back. To ensure long-term success, Brands must take control of the conversation during the first 90 days. At the first club™, we believe every customer should be rewarded from the first purchase, democratizing loyalty, creating an emotional connection, and stimulating consistent spending. While your Customers are working from home surrounded by their kids, they need rewards they can use NOW. Using compelling, personalized instant entertainment rewards combined with the latest loyalty marketing technology will build strong, sustainable customer relationships and connect your customers more deeply with your Brand to deliver repeat purchases.

Incorporating digital rewards into your loyalty program increases ROI and reduces program costs by reducing churn and points liability. Customers get frustrated when they can’t redeem the membership points they’ve spent so much time earning, or earn points easily for every day spend – our Digital Rewards Solution helps Brands change the relationship dynamics with the customer by solving this challenge. That’s loyalty!!

Enable your customers to browse through the most comprehensive catalog of instant low-cost digital rewards and provide an instant redemption experience worldwide making your customer’s lives easier, better, more convenient, and more enjoyable. That’s customer engagement!!

We can have your program up and running within hours with a simple solution to prove the effectiveness of our method, or within days for a more bespoke and integrated solution. And best of all, customers receive their reward instantly!

We are the World’s First Global “Thank You” Rewards Platform. We are the first club™.

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